Biographies of the Most Successful Business People

For those interested in business-related biographies, we decided to compile a list of some timeless business biographies. These biographies are not only entertaining, but provides a deep insight into the lives of business tycoons, media power stations, and tech experts.

1.      Shoe Dog by Phil Knight.

A favorite of Bill Gates, Shoe Dog revolves around the story of Phil Knight. It involves the steps it took for Knight to build Nike into a global brand.

2.      Personal History by Katharine Graham.

Previously a movie, Personal History talks about a well-known name in the field of journalism. The book talks about how Katherine Graham was able to guide the Washington Post through the Pentagon Paper and Watergate scandals.

This book has courage with a hint of dignity.

3.      The Snowball by Warren Buffett and the Business of Life by Alice Schroeder.

This is the complete biography of the man known to everyone as ‘The Oracle of Omaha.’ A highly respected business person, Warren Buffett reveals parts of his life in this biography. He reveals the difficulties of his life. Warren Buffett’s ranking stands not on his wealth, but his thoughts and ideas.

4.      Benjamin Franklin by Walter Isaacson.

Although, Franklin was popularly known as an inventor, a writer, a business strategist, a diplomat, and a media baron. However, this book is a sneak peek on how Benjamin Franklin ultimately gave America its national identity.

5.      Titan by Ron Chernow.

Titan is a business biography on the famous personality, John D. Rockefeller. Rockefeller was famous for being a ruthless business tycoon and a philanthropist, but many people knew him as ‘the Jekyll and Hyde of American Capitalism.’

This biography is a staple for business.

6.      Carnegie by Peter Krass.

Andrew Carnegie was a well-known figure in American history. His steel industry earned him a fortune before he gave most of it away. He used the wealth to lift the political stage of the world ultimately affecting the presidencies of William McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt, and Grover Cleveland.

In this page-turning biography, Peter Krass has described the complicated life of the businessperson who became powerful in the Gilded Age of America.

7.      Morgan, American Financier by Jean Strouse.

For a long period, J. Pierpont Morgan was the unofficial central banker of the United States of America. Unknown to many people, Morgan was the man behind America’s biggest mammoths such as U.S. Steel, Railroad Empires, and even General Electric.

Even after his demise, he remained a mystery to many people. Known to some as a hero while and to others, a robber baron.

8.      The Patriarch by David Nasaw.

This biography talks about the life of Joseph P. Kennedy, who was the founder of the 20th century’s political dynasty. It provides insight into the life of the man who took part in major events of his time. It also discusses the highs and lows, the Depression and the New Deal, World Wars 1 and 2, the Cold War and the coming of the New Frontier.

9.      Made in America by Sam Walton/John Huey.

This is a biography on Sam Walton, who made way to the birth of the world’s largest and most powerful corporations, all from scratch. It involves the story of a small-town hero who changed the game of retail distribution, as we know it.  What started as a tiny store in a small town has now become a large industry generating a revenue of $500 billion.

10.  I Love Capitalism by Ken Langone.

This biography depicts the life of Ken Langone, the co-founder of Home Depot. It perfectly portrays the ‘American Dream,’ by narrating how a poor boy born in Long Island went on to become the most successful business person in America.

In this captivating read, Langone takes readers through his journey of getting an education, breaking into Wall Street, and scrambled for a degree.

11.  Straight From the Gut by Jack Welch.

Under the leadership of Jack Welch, General Electric went through a repetitive process of reinvention and integration of new and innovative practices into its numerous businesses.

This book gives a detailed overview of Welch’s management style, which helped GE become a wildly successful company.

12.  The Everything Store, and The Age of Amazon by Brad Stone.

It is crazy and unbelievable to think that what is now one of the largest online stores had started as a small online bookstore. The idea of simply limiting Amazon to an online bookstore was not enough for its founder and creator, Jeff Bezos.

This biography gives a detailed account of how Bezos single-handedly transformed the retail industry through his large bets.

13.  Elon Musk by Ashlee Vance.

This is my personal favorite because it dives deep into the mind of the most innovative man of our time, Elon Musk. This biography allows readers an exclusive look into the most innovative inventions of our time, including Tesla, SpaceX, and SolarCity.

14.  Wild Ride by Adam Lashinsky.

In this captivating read, Adam Lashinsky writes about Silicon Valley’s most dividing figure, Travis Kalanick. Lashinsky writes about the unprecedented success of Uber, owned by Kalanick himself. It also gives a jaw-dropping account of its dive into a black hole of controversy.

15.  A Triumph of Genius by Ronald K. Fierstein.

In this biography, Ronald K. writes about Edwin Land, the inventor of the Polaroid. At the time of his demise, Edwin stood in third place on the list of the most famous inventors after Thomas Edison.

This book describes the compelling story of the man who stood behind the legal battle over intellectual property, better known as Polaroid vs. Kodak.

16.  Bloomberg by Bloomberg by Michael Bloomberg.

In the age of information comes the name of Michael Bloomberg. Aggressive and extremely self-confident, Bloomberg is said to have set the winning standard in the age of information. His innovative approach to media such as online data feeds that can be manipulated, a broad range of magazine and broadcast outlets have changed the world of business news upside down.

17.  Make Trouble by Cecile Richards.

The president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Cecelia Richards has been an activist, since her childhood years. Specifically, since the day, she was taken to the principal’s office for putting on an armband in protest of the Vietnam War. 

The book talks about her life in Conservative Texas, where her parents taught their kids to be activists and nothing less than troublemakers. She recalls the household where ‘the dinner table was never for eating—it was for sorting zone lists.’

18.  The House of Dimon by Patricia Crisafulli.

In this biography, former business Journalist, Patricia Crisafulli dives deep into the story of the banker of Wall Street. She gives a detailed analysis of critical moments in Dimon’s life that have shaped his career and how he managed to survive the most difficult moments in the history of Wall Street.

This biography is a detailed account of how he got through these hurdles and a look into what the future holds.