Benefits of Reading

Do you remember when you picked up a book and read it last? Or an article in a magazine? Is reading social media posts and recipe instructions the only reading you ever do?

If you relate to the above statement, then you are one of the many people who run away from reading. And by doing so, you’re missing out on the countless benefits of making reading a habit rather than a chore.

Don’t believe us? Here are 10 advantages of reading that will make you want to make reading a daily habit.

1.       Stimulating the Brain

Reading stimulates the brain mentally. According to studies, stimulating the brain mentally can reduce the onset or even prevent diseases that have to do with the brain. These may be Dementia or even Alzheimer’s disease. Keeping your brain constantly running and engaged, keeps it from losing power.


Similar to other body muscles, the brain follows the rule of, “use-it-or-lose-it” It requires constant mental stimulation to keep it in shape. Reading is a habit that stimulates brain power and keep it engaged. Other stimulating activities include solving puzzles and games like chess. All of these activities stimulate the cognitive activities of the brain.

2.        Reduce Stress

A great story has the power to take you away to another world. It is not of importance how stressful daily life can get; reading can rid you of it all. A novel with a good story line can carry you to a world free of stress and worries.  On the other hand, reading an interesting article can help you relax by keeping your mind focused on one topic. The moment you start reading, you feel yourself enter a space of simply existing in the ‘now.’

3.       Knowledge

When you make reading a habit, your brain gathers information and stores it for future use. When you gather and store knowledge, you actually train your mind to overcome any challenge that you will face in the future.

Knowledge is also a treasure that can never be stolen. Under difficult circumstances, everything can drift away from you including close relationships to material objects. But, knowledge is ever-lasting and cannot be stolen or taken away from you.

4.       Vocabulary Broadening

Vocabulary is quite similar to gaining knowledge.

The more time you spend reading, the more are the chances of you learning new words. These new words automatically become a part of your vocabulary.

Being able to speak well is a sign of professionalism in any line of work. Having the ability to communicate well with people can boost your confidence as well as your self-esteem. Lack of awareness on topics of importance can make you seem inadequate and unfit. People who have extensive knowledge and a wide vocabulary, advance in their careers faster and even gain promotions.

Reading books also comes in handy when learning a new language. Non-native speakers who extend their vocabulary increase their fluency in reading and writing.

5.       Improving the Memory

Reading requires the ability to remember various characters along with their history, struggles, backgrounds and goals. It also requires you to remember important sub-plots and the story arc. This may seem like a lot to memorize, but our brains have powers more than any other organ and can remember such details with ease.

Another amazing fact about brains is that new memories create new brain pathways or synapses. It also helps strengthen the older synapses, thus improving short-memory and keeping your moods stable and balanced. This just shows how marvelous brains are!

If you’re ever wondering how to strengthen your memory recall and stabilize your moods, take up reading as an activity!

6.       Strengthen Analytical Thinking Skills

While reading a mystery novel, have you found yourself already solving the mystery before the book reveals it? If yes, then you put your brains analytical thinking powers to use. You were able to gather all the given clues and details before arranging them to solve the mystery and become Sherlock Holmes!

The ability to put analytical thinking into use is also of importance when reading and reviewing a book. Being able to differ a good plot from a bad one, analyzing and critiquing character development and the storyline becomes easier when you are a good analyzer.

The more you read, the more you are able to critically analyze a novel. This skill gives you the ability to discuss and give your opinions regarding a specific novel.

7.       Improving Concentration and Focus

The current era of the internet has almost forced us into a cycle of multi-tasking as our attention is on 20 different things all at once.

In the span of 5 minutes, a person’s attention switches from working to checking emails, online chatting (via Skype, Whatsapp etc.), scrolling through social media while also communicating with our friends at work. All of these activities done all at once can cause higher stress levels. Moreover, they also lower productivity.

However, when it comes to reading, all our attention stays on the book. Reading is very immersive and can make you feel as though the world stops existing and it is only you and the book you are reading.

A good activity to increase your attention at work is to build the habit of reading for a while every day before work. This activity can help you stay focused throughout the course of the day.

8.       Improving Skills of Writing

Another advantage that goes along with having a wide vocabulary.

It is a well-known fact that reading well-written and informative books or articles can improve one’s writing skills. When you read a book and analyze the works of numerous authors, it inevitably influences and improves your writing style as well.

This is similar to many other artists who create art following the techniques of other, more experienced artists. A writer can improve his or her work by following the same technique.

9.       Tranquility

While reading can reduce stress, a well-written story also has the ability to provide a sense of tranquility and calmness.

Books are available in a wide range of genres. Reading books that talk about spirituality can not only increase knowledge, but also bring about a feeling of calmness. Those suffering from mental health issues and mood swings can find peace in reading books centered on self-help.

Every person has his or her preferences when it comes to reading. When you read a book that interests you, it can automatically bring you peace.

10.   Free-of-cost Entertainment

Libraries are a treasure often underappreciated. If you are looking for entertainment that is low budget, then a trip to the library is the answer for you! Libraries are a large kingdom of books in every possible subject. Libraries always have a new collection of books and this cycle never stops.

If you do not have a library around you, don’t worry! Libraries often have books available online as well for easy access. They are available in various formats to make easily readable on any device.

If you are looking for a book that is not available in a library, then there are hundreds of online sources, which allow you to download or even purchase e-books in any formats possible. So, don’t be afraid to go online and search for your preferred book!

Every person has a different taste when it comes to books. Thankfully, there are thousands of books out there to explore and enjoy. Whether your heart lies in murder mysteries, romance novels or even magazines on various topics, know that there is a read out there for you.


Make the habit of stepping away from the cyber-life every once in a while and reading instead. It will help your brain stay active, and more importantly; freshen up your soul.