Cielo WiGle Inc.

Cielo WiGle Inc.

“Cielo is a Redmond, WA based company that provides Wi-Fi-based smart controls for managing any brand ductless systems. The smart controls for centralized heating and cooling systems are rampant but the booming industry of ductless systems had a very limited supply of smart controls while the demand is very high. The smart controls launched by Cielo is a complete ecosystem of device hardware, Amazon AWS IoT cloud and mobile apps for both iOS and Android platforms. Cielo’s smart ductless controllers are tailor-made for both ductless OEMs and retail customers. The brand independence gives Cielo a great edge in the market as the smart controllers are compatible with almost all brands available in the market.

The OEMs can use Cielo smart controllers for both their ready to market products and already sold installed base. Cielo launched its product in AHR expo held in January 2017, in Las Vegas. Since the launch Cielo is witnessing great customer traction from both B2B and B2C channels.

Cielo products offer control from anywhere, location based control, remote scheduling features, usage history, action audit and much more. Such a great feature set means more and more load on cloud and consequently latency, security and accuracy are vital for Cielo eco system.

Cielo products are compatible with Amazon Alexa & Google Home.


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